When people have their health.
They can change the world.
Live your Legacy.
The way you live is your most powerful LEGACY.

When parents choose to exercise and eat well, children copy and eat well too. When employers make time for lunch or stand-up from their desk, that value becomes part of the workplace culture. Our power to positively influence those around us is unlimited and should be rewarded and supported.

The Legacy Membership offers the two most important elements to supporting your long-term health; ACCESS & ACCOUNTABILITY


Become a Member
Legacy Members are assigned a performance coach and have access to monthly accountability calls. Research has shown that accountability and support are the most important elements to habit formation and effective goal setting.  Coaching calls are 10 minutes in length and are scheduled at a time that is both convenient and consistent.

If your health concern is more serious, of if your coach feels that additional support may be beneficial, they will assist you in finding the additional care and information your may require. Nothing will get in the way of us helping you live your life to it's fullest potential.
The most consistent feedback we have heard from both patients and clients, is that living a healthy lifestyle can become expensive over time. As committed health nuts ourselves, we couldn't agree more. In our quest to not simply inspire, but to also facilitate execution, we have partnered with some of the best health brands, to provide you with discounts and unique product access. 

In addition to product and services, Legacy Members also have the opportunity to attend lifestyle events, special seminars and exclusive healthy living retreats. 
When you are accountable, you are helpable

Legacy members are held accountable to monthly goals by personalized coaching sessions from our team of nutrition and health coaches. Members gain access and discounts to supportive products and services, supplied by our most trusted Leagacy partners.



Some of our Legacy Partners
Live your Legacy.

Meet your personal accountability coach today.

Memberships start at just $22/month, $246 per year